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I’ve been on a software safari lately in search of the perfect tools to keep me on track and in check. After all, if you don’t check yourself, you will wreck yourself. Here are some of the super tools I’ve discovered and wanted to share. Some may not be that new to you, but I just started using them so I’ll share the love.


Yes, I know. EVERYBODY has already heard of Slack. I knew about Slack for a long time before I ever started using it. Now that I do use it, I wonder why I hadn’t started sooner. I love the ability to chat with others, track conversation threads, integrate it with my company’s website chat tool, and the new calling feature (as of June 2016). Slack has pretty much replaced Skype for me.

BONUS: You can share fun GIFs in Slack with RightGIF to have a lot more fun with your chatting!


I LOVE Uberconference! It’s a terrific conference call and screen sharing service. There is a very robust free plan that allows me to conduct calls with up to ten participates. I can record the calls, and hold unlimited conferences per month. Oh, and their on-hold music is totally awesome.

BONUS: Uberconference integrates with Slack!


Want an easy-peasy way to manage your to-do list and communicate with your team without having to have those obnoxious stand-up meetings? JELL YEAH! Jell is a simple reporting and communication tool for tracking company goals and managing tasks. It doesn’t replace project management solutions, per se, but it can help you focus on project tasks and other tasks in an easy-to-manage place. You can also customize reports and daily updates with your own, custom fields. There is a free plan and a paid plan.

BONUS: Jell integrates with Slack!


From the folks who brought me Uberconference: introducing Dialpad. I was a holdout for years when it came to using VoIP versus relying on my mobile. The company has a toll-free number, but my extension forwarded to my cell phone. I finally broke down and started the Dialpad free trial. So far, I love it. It integrates it with Google Apps for Business (disclosure: I’m a referral partner, and this is my Google Apps Referral Link), and Dialpad is going to make life a lot easier for my business partner and me to manage our calls.

BONUS: while I do plan to take to use the softphone primarily, Dialpad has a smartphone app that allows me to move a call from my softphone to my cell so that I can take it on the road if need be.

Nimble CRM

My business partner and I have been CRM holdouts for awhile now. We’ve tried various platforms, but we just couldn’t get it together. Then we found Nimble. As social media marketers and social sellers, we totally appreciate Nimble’s attention to social platform integrations. It is so easy to use and helps you quickly add social details about each one of your contacts. You can also set up email templates and track email opens/closes with Nimble.

BONUS: Nimble integrates with Google Apps for Business along with several other solutions. There is also an app in the Hootsuite – Social Media Management Dashboard that lets you use Nimble inside of your Hootsuite Dashboard. (Disclosure: I’m a Hootsuite Affiliate and a Hootsuite Ambassador, volunteer position.)

Start A Fire

Start A Fire is a nifty little tool that allows you to add suggested content to each of your social shares. I have used a similar service called to add calls-to-action buttons to social shares. Start A Fire is a little different. Instead of a CTA, it’s more of a suggestion of other great content I want to share. There is a free plan you should check out.

BONUS: Start A Fire integrates with Hootsuite, CoSchedule’s Chrome extension, Buffer, Hubspot, Mailchimp and more.

What Other Apps Should I Be Using?

Have you got a favorite app that I need to try? Slap it in the comments and let me know what it is and why it’s great. I love trying new solutions!

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