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What did you read this week? Here's what I really enjoyed in my web-wide wanderings.

Your Editorial Calendar is Not Your Content Marketing Strategy

By Michele Linn published May 5, 2017 More and more, I am hearing marketers talk about how they have a strategy . . . and then proceed to say they are set because they have an editorial calendar. At the risk of sounding ranty, I'd love to yell from the rooftops: An editorial calendar is not a content marketing strategy !

An Editorial Calendar Isn't Enough

What's a plan without a strategy? It's just a random to-do list. Maybe it all goes together and moves you forward toward your goal. Maybe it doesn't. That's why you can't just throw blog post ideas on the calendar and think you've got your strategy sewn up.

Michele Linn does an excellent job explaining the difference between an editorial calendar and a content marketing plan in her recent post on I love this simple analogy she shares:

Let’s say you are building a home. An architect leads the design of the structure by creating an architectural plan. But then a civil engineer makes the design possible – implementing and adjusting the plan to realize the architect’s vision.

Check out her full post: Your Editorial Calendar is Not Your Content Marketing Strategy.

101 places to find amazing, royalty-free images for your business

Regardless if you own an online business , are a freelancer or run a blog, high-quality images are an absolute necessary. The reason? They can generate more clicks and boost engagement on your social channels.

Super Guide to Royalty-Free Photos!

I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for sources of royalty-free photos. This list of 101 sights for royalty-free images is the bee's knees. A few of my favorites --,, -- are listed, but there a ton of others I haven't heard of before this article.

Here's an example from one of my favs - Fun, quirky photos! I love that site.

royalty-free photos

Google Issues a Warning About Guest Posting to Build Links - Search Engine Journal

Google has issued a warning to remind site owners about the dangers of publishing content on other sites for the purpose of building inbound links. The company doesn't frown on guest posts or syndicated posts in general, but lately there has been an increase in spammy links stuffed into these types of posts.


Is Google Getting Ready to Smack Guest Bloggers Down?

Google issued a warning this week about guest blogging. If you are getting spammy, the search giant may just give your site the smackdown. That warning goes not only for guest bloggers but for those sites that accept guest posts, too.

Be careful site owners -- make sure you're publishing guest posts that are worthwhile to your readers. Nofollow questionable links.

This Is How to Build Links Now: 10 Data-Backed Tips

Link building is hard. And it should be. Links are supposed to be granted editorially, not something anybody with $5 can buy in bulk. Search ranking survey data via Moz But links became a commodity once every SEO and his cousin learned that links are the most important Google ranking factor.

Removing the Fear of Link Building

Ha! I know . . . the article mentioned above this one says to beware guest posting for link building. That's true -- if you are doing it for the wrong reasons and hawking crappy copy.

But, there are plenty of valid, high-quality avenues for link building. BUT, the big secret is this: it really comes down to creating quality content. That's the hard part. Thankfully, Danny Goodwin provides some terrific ideas for site owners. Review his recommendations for content that will drive links. Which are your favorites? Which have you tried?

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