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Whether you’re a marketer or not, engaging in active listening can be one of the most important methods to broaden your learning. So we’ve done just that. In our latest survey, we asked 1,000 marketers seeking help with their content marketing one simple question: “What’s your biggest challenge with content?” No multiple-choice selections or series of check boxes.

Source: We Asked 1,000 Marketers: “What’s Your Biggest Challenge With Content?”

This is my first post in MONTHS on this blog, so I can relate to many of the issues that my fellow marketers shared with ClearVoice. That’s not to say I haven’t been writing. At Jackson Marketing, Inc., we’ve been writing like crazy and content marketing our hearts out — just not for ourselves. We’ve been heads down on client work. Enough excuses for my lack of attention to my content efforts. Let’s dig into what everyone else is expressing.

Time – The Biggest Problem

The top issue marketers identified as a content marketing challenge is time. I hear ya! However, what does that mean? As ClearVoice points out, it could mean an actual lack of time or resources. Maybe it’s just a lack of reliable project management or organizational tools and skills. Another question is where in the process do the “lack of time” bottlenecks occur?

Spinning your wheels on ideation? Try kicking around topics with colleagues in the office or your industry. Hire a consultant or agency. Work with other people who are outside of your regular content creation team. This outside help can generate new ideas more quickly. You can even use tools like Answer the Public to spark content ideas. Sometimes you get stuck in a rut or get a mental block that adds to the stress and timing.

No time for writing? There are so many ways to address this issue: work with ClearVoice, hire me, discover writers in your company.

Too busy to promote content? Technology is your friend — just use it correctly. Try a tool like Nelio or CoSchedule to help you queue up your posts for social promotion with minimal effort on your part. Of course, you can’t depend on automation alone. Work with a social media specialist who can help you distribute your content across all the most important platforms. Hire a search marketer to optimize your posts for search — paid and organic.

Not design-savvy enough to create images quickly? There are too many cool tools out there for this to be an excuse. Canva, for example, makes blog images and social promotion images super easy.

What are your biggest concerns with content marketing? Is time your number one challenge or something else? See ClearVoice’s full survey to see if fellow marketers feel the same pains you do.

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