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Here are some of my articles and guest posts from around the web.

Aligning With Mission & Vision: How to Create Content That Supports Business Goals (Part 5) - ClearVoice

Learn how to craft a content strategy that supports your brand's mission and vision as well as aligns with the company's business goals. This post is fifth in a five-part series on content vision. Read Part 1 in the series: Content Strategy & Vision: A Creative Chief & Strategy Chief Sound Off Read Part 2: What's the Difference Between a Mission and Vision Statement?

Content Philosophy & the No. 1 Question You Should Be Asking (Part 4) - ClearVoice

Your content philosophy helps you decide how you will use content for your business and what you want it to accomplish for you. This post is fourth in a five-part series on content vision. Read Part 1 in the series: Content Strategy & Vision: A Creative Chief & Strategy Chief Sound Off Read Part 2: What's the Difference Between a Mission and Vision Statement?

Build a Big Rock Content Strategy | Content Marketing Pyramid

Content marketing seems overwhelming if you're a solo marketer or small business owner. Taking the right content planning approach makes all the difference.

Small business content marketing

Tips for solo or small marketing teams to ramp up their content efforts.

3 reasons to incorporate branded communities into your social business plan

As social media platforms have matured, the ability for brands to easily reach prospects and create customer communities evolved. As you all know, the Wild West days when it was easy to reach thousands of customers for free are over, but that's not to say there are no longer opportunities and benefits to social media.

3 apps for small businesses | The Mozy Blog

More small businesses and startups are turning to the virtual team concept to help keep costs low. Thanks to the Internet, your employees can work from virtually anywhere. While that's great, the question that still lingers in many small business owners' minds is this: "How do I ensure my staff members function as a cohesive unit when they aren't operating in the same physical location?"

25 Questions You Need to Ask When Creating a Content Strategy

Building a content marketing strategy for your company? Ask these questions at the onset and use the answers to inform your next moves. Perform a Google search on "content creation strategy," and you'll get millions of results offering tips, ideas and templates to help you get started.

12 Must-Have Content Distribution Tools & Tactics | ClearVoice

It's not enough to create great content - now you need a plan to distribute and promote it. In late 2016, Venture Beat reported that content marketing is up 300% but only 5% of it matters. That's a little depressing. All your hard work is potentially getting ignored. Why?

Nail Down a Social Media Policy That Addresses Employee Separation - ClearVoice

Does your social media policy spell out what happens when an employee leaves or is dismissed? It should. Stacy Jackson explains what to cover. We've all heard stories about an employee with all the social media logins and passwords getting laid off and proceeding to go nuclear with the corporate accounts.

3 Ways Evergreen Content Can Make Your Blog More Successful - ClearVoice

Experts say you need evergreen content - but just what is it and how can it help your blog? Stacy Jackson explores this buzzword and its importance in your content marketing strategy. Evergreen content is content that endures the test of time - if not forever, then at least a few years.

How to Build a Brand Ambassador Program That Gets Results - ClearVoice

This guide gives you the tools and insight you need to launch your own brand ambassador program, boost awareness of your company and drive sales. Word of mouth has always been important to brands, but it hasn't had the widespread, palpable impact on business like it has today.

Brand Consistency: Why It's So Important & How to Achieve It - ClearVoice

It's fairly easy to create blog posts, ebooks and other such content assets in the digital age. Quick, too - in fact, an idea can go from concept to completed so quickly that it doesn't get thoroughly vetted for brand consistency.

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