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Are you ready for addressing UX and SEO to improve your search engine rankings?

Machine learning is the talk of town and it will impact us all. So, learn what it is, how to keep up, and what areas you need to improve to have a shot at staying in front of your current and potential customers.

Source: How Machine Learning is Changing the SEO Game & How You Can Keep Up

This article from SEMRush is a great reminder (or wake-up call) to anyone interested in SEO as part of their marketing strategy: traditional SEO tactics are not enough. You must begin optimizing your content and design to provide the very best user experience (UX) possible. Otherwise, you are doomed to fall behind in your rankings. Why? Because machine-learning algorithms have gotten smart enough to determine whether or not the experience you provide to visitors sucks or not. Search engines will increasingly evaluate UX and SEO to determine the winners and losers in search.

For the content marketers out there, this article also demonstrates that “write quality content” isn’t quite enough either. You need to ensure your content makes sense to today’s searchers. Google has reported that searches via mobile devices have overtaken search via desktops. Does your site meet the needs of mobile users? Do you offer written content in bite-size, mobile-screen ready chunks? Are videos available for those mobile users?

On the topic of video — it’s not just for mobile users. People are inundated with written content, and the world of content marketing makes it so incredibly hard for your blog posts to make a noise these days. Get started with video marketing in 2018 to rise above all the late-comers to this genre of marketing. But keep blogging. At some point, video saturation will make blogs attractive again.

As you start 2018, look at ways to improve your approach to UX and SEO. Your traffic, leads, and sales may depend on it!

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