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referral spam

Here’s an example of referral spam hitting a site I manage. I set up an advanced segment to help me back spam out of historical data.

You just logged into your Google Analytics account, and you squeal with delight: a traffic spike! Yea! You dig in so you can see what site is rewarding you with traffic. Maybe you see one or more of the following sites in the referrals list:


Don’t get too excited. It’s just referral spam, and it’s hitting a lot of sites these days. Some sites get it worse than others. There are some different things you can do to prevent referral spam, filter it out of future visits tracked by Google Analytics, and back it out of historical data in your Google Analytics account.

Here is a round-up of referral and ghost spam resources to help you get more accurate data from your Google Analytics reports.

Featured image credit: Gratisography

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